Two man sync

A one-stop shop for quality music supervision
and a consultancy for all  your sync clearances

About Us

Two Man Sync is an up-and-coming Music Agency located in Ghent and Kobbegem. The Company was founded in 2018 to help facilitate film production studios and advertising agencies by curating, producing and/or licensing music for their campaigns and film productions. Two Man Sync was founded by Piet Bekaert and Hans Kusters to answer to the rising demand within the industry for qualitative syncing and copyright clearances. Together they bring a combined experience of more than 50 years to the table. With all this know-how, Two Man Sync aspires to become a prominent player within a flourishing market. Throughout the last few years, the publishing departments of both founders have been growing steadily, which incited the decision to broaden their horizon and start offering curated music synching and copyright clearances.


The Right People is a music rights management company founded by Piet Bekaert in 2012, that administers both publishing and Neighbouring Rights. They work with a wide range of copywriters and represent catalogues that cover numerous music genres. As an independent rights management company, they provide a tailored-made approach by giving its clients the well-deserved attention.

Hans Kusters Music is an independent record label and music publisher founded by Hans Kusters in 1972. As a well-established music firm, they represent many great international catalogues, as well as original copyrights from many Belgian and Dutch authors and composers. Hans Kusters Music owns a variety of other labels, covering a great mix of genres, ranging from cabaret to jazz, and from rock to literature.

One Stop Shop

A selection of our tracks are pre-cleared, this means that we’ve obtained the necessary music rights ownership information and all the required permissions from rights holders in advance of a formal licensing process. This allows you to buy these pre-cleared tracks directly and obtain a license in a much shorter time-frame. No need to keep waiting! Have a look at our one-stop mood playlist (link ‘Mood’ naar de Mood playlist pagina) and get your music in a timely fashion.