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MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp -
Fashion Balls

MoMu – Antwerp Fashion Museum is celebrating its ambitious reopening programme ‘Fashion 2.021 Antwerp – Fashion/Conscious’ 

It is s a city dressing project in collaboration with the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. The ‘Fashion Balls’ are striking installations that will appear at various locations in Antwerp until 29 November 2021.


Music: Hazy – Universe

Client: MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp

Belgium - a Search of Beaty

A voyage across Belgium in search of its beauty by young filmmaker Joffrey Vandenbussche.

It is a visual story across the country’s greatest sceneries and places to visit. The BMG music emphasizes the great imagery shot by Joffrey and the storyline  of the video.  

Music: BMG Production Music

Client: VDB Productions

Music in video by: Oscar & The Wolf – James  

Vive La Fête – Touche Pas! – Mixmasters – In The Mix

Royal Academy of Fine Arts - Fashion Show

Two Man Sync cleared all music for the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts 2021 Fashion Show. 

Master’s students of the Fashion department showcased their latest designs on the runway under supervision of Walter van Beirendonck. Walter is known for his notorious costume designs for U2‘s Pop Mart tour.

20 students created incredible designs and selected dedicated music for it, cleared through Two Man Sync within two weeks.

You can rewatch the fashion show here or listen to the selected music here.

Client: AP Hogeschool

The Racer

Two Man Sync handled the music supervision & clearance of the movie ‘The Racer’. A film directed by Kieron J. Walsh and starring Matteo Simoni and Louis Talpe.

Production companies:
Blinder FilmsCAVIAR

Music supervision by Piet Bekaert for Two Man Sync

Rad van Fortuin

Clearance Rad Van Fortuin Opening tune.

Composition: “Game Show” (Walter Murphy)

RFT Music Publishing / BMG Production Music 

Client: SBS Belgium

The Motorcycle Diaries

Music by BMG Production Music

For Motorcycle-Diaries


Music by BMG Production Music /  Altitude Music 

 Client: Czar