Introducting Two Man Sync

Piet Bekaert, founder of music publisher The Right People, and Hans Kusters, founder of music publisher and record label Hans Kusters Music, have collectively decided to create a new music agency. This project has been established to advise and help film- and tv-production studios as well as advertising agencies with the licensing of music for all their campaigns and film productions. Hereby Two Man Sync hopes to anticipate the rising demand in the audiovisual sector for qualitative and suitable synchs between music and moving pictures.

Piet Bekaert: “The clearing of music for audiovisual usage is a very specific matter and requires a professional approach. We have skillfully mastered this way of working and we would like to put it at the service of production studios. This persistent professionalism can only help to maintain the recent successes among Belgian films and tv-series on the international stage.”

Hans Kusters: “We’re anticipating an increasing demand from the audiovisual sector. It is therefore the ambition of Two Man Sync to become a prominent player within a flourishing Belgian market.”